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Are Proper Pasties PGI Approved Cornish Pasties?

To qualify for genuine status, the definition of a PGI Approved Proper Cornish pasty is stated as follows and can be referenced on the Cornish Pasty Association website.

What's In A Cornish Pasty?

Roughly diced or minced beef | Sliced or diced potato | Swede | Onion | Salt & Pepper Seasoning | No other meat than Beef

Beef content of at least 12.5% | Minimum 25% Vegetable Content

The Pastry Exterior

The pastry can be shortcrust, rough puff or puff | The pastry must be savoury | The pastry must be able to withstand baking and handling with out breakage | Pasties can be glazed with egg, milk or both.

The Crimp

Once the pasty has been filled, the shortcrust pastry case is carefully hand-folded around the ingredients and sealed with a side crimp, our pasties have a signature 22 crimp, the crimp is the sign of a true Cornish Pasty.

Where the Cornish Pasty is made

Last but not least, to be bestowed with the honourable name ‘Cornish Pasty’, every pasty must be made in the County of Cornwall.  Ours are made in St Columb.

So Yes, Proper Pasty Company Cornish Pasties are 100% Genuine Cornish Pasties and are approved by the Cornish Pasty Association.

Can I Buy Your Cornish Pasties Online?

You can order the best Cornish Pasties online through this website, we deliver frozen uncooked Cornish Pasties to your door at home via next day post and you’ll be delighted to hear that Shipping is FREE!  

Please check out our Cornish Pasties by Post collections for a wide variety of pre boxed flavours, or for speed order our Traditional Cornish Pasties by post from the following links:-

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If you're looking for a truly cornish pasty company who can deliver real pasties to your door, pick from any of the above sizes or alternatively browse through the boxed collections detailed below.

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