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Proper Pasty Identities

Pasty Identities Guide We have created a handy (updated) guide so that you can easily identify your pasties. This guide will be updated as we add more flavours to the range.As a summary markings for the pasties are as follows (see image above for further information):- Our Succulent Meat Filled Pasties Cornish Pasty [single score] Finest Gourmet Cornish Steak Pasty [letter 'g' on side] Lamb and Mint Pasty [letter 'L'] Pork and Apple Pasty [no marking, mixed herb topping] Chicken, Bacon and Chorizo Pasty [letter 'Z'] All Day Breakfast Pasty [3 dots] Spicy Chilli Beef and Cheese Pasty [no marking, mild chilli powder topping] Steak and Stilton Pasty [3 square dots] Steak and Ale Pasty [2 x letter 'A'] Steak and...

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