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Product Qty Delivery Price
Premium Pasties by Post 10 Next Day FREE £29.95
Meat & Veg Pasties by Post 10 Next Day FREE £29.95
Cornish Steak Pasties by Post 10 Next Day FREE £29.95
Vegetarian Pasties by Post 10 Next Day FREE £29.95
Christmas Fayre Pasties by Post 10 Next Day FREE £29.95
Steak Select Pasties by Post 10 Next Day FREE £29.95
Sausage Rolls by Post 80 Next Day FREE £72.00
Savoury Selection by Post 30 Next Day FREE £32.95

What You Need to Know,

Pasties by post is a new delivery service which has been created to take the hassle out of shopping and provide a convenient way for you to purchase our Cornish pasties if you can’t make the journey to one of our retail locations, most of which remain closed due to local restrictions at this moment in time.

We’ve had many enquiries from Proper Pasty customers and fans, asking when we are reopening our shops, the demand has been so popular that we decided to launch an online pasty ordering service.

The product offer is currently divided into 9 different collections of your favourite pasties, these can be seen in the table below or you can click on any of the images above.


Placing an order is very simple, just click on the pasties by post offer that you would like to purchase, select the quantity of boxes that you would like delivered to your home and then add your pasties to the cart.

Once you are happy with your selection, go through the checkout where you can pay by Credit Card, PayPal or Apple Pay. Your transaction is secure and we don’t store any secure data.


Once we have received your pasties by post order, we check the time of your order and we pick, pack and deliver according to the stated cut off time.

Your pasties remain in a freezer at -18 degrees until the very latest possible time of the day to ensure that the frozen goods shipment time is optimised.

We do NOT ship any order before 2:30pm, this is why we state a 2:00pm cut off for next day post orders.

Next Day Shipping Conditions

If you place your order before 2:00pm Monday to Thursday, your order will be shipped the same day and will be delivered to you by UPS next day express.

If you place your order after 2:00pm on Thursday or on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday then your pasties will be posted on Monday and will be delivered to you by UPS next day express to your home on Tuesday.

It is important that you are available to receive the goods on the day of delivery, whilst the pasties are shipped in a frozen state in thermal packaging with ice packs, they may start to thaw if they are left outdoors by the postal service before you are able to collect.

We do not accept responsibility for goods that are delivered to an unattended property.

Pasties by Post Tracking

When your pasty order has been picked and is ready for collection, we will arrange for courier collection. At this point you will receive an email with your UPS tracking link, this will provide you with the ability to see your pasties by post journey and check progress.

Our pasties by post order to delivery cycle is designed to provide an optimal frozen goods shipping time. The products will remain frozen in the packaging for up to 24hrs.

Post Delivery Instructions

Once you have received your pasties by post, it is important that you place the pasties in your freezer immediately. Alternatively you can bake the pasties off, allow to cool and then freeze for consumption at a later date

Baking Instructions

You will find an envelope inside the outer cardboard packaging which contains a baking sheet for use on your baking tray when cooking, you will also find an A5 flyer with cooking instructions and pasty markings on the rear.

Follow the baking instructions on the rear of the flyer to guarantee a perfect pasty experience.

You may also use the QR code in the rear to review the allergen information for your pasties by post product.

If you have a specific request, or would like to ask a question about your order, we would suggest sending an email though our contact page or alternatively chat with us via the web chat facility which can be found to the bottom right of the screen, we answer web chat 7 days a week.

We hope you enjoy your pasties by post products!