How To Cook Frozen Pasties

Cooking the Perfect Cornish Pasty From Frozen

We receive a lot of requests from customers for advice on how to cook their cornish pasties by post products.  

Our Quick Reference Pasty Cooking Guide:-

Question: How to Cook Frozen Pasties?
Answer: Always cook your pasties from frozen, we don't recommend that you allow your pasties to thaw before cooking.

Question: How Long to Cook a Frozen Pasty?  
45-50 Minutes

Question: What Temperature to Cook Frozen Pasty?  
At 180 degrees in a Pre-Heated Oven

Question: How to Reheat Frozen Pasty?  
At 180 degrees in a Pre-Heated Oven

Our Detailed Step by Step Pasty Cooking Guide:-

When you place your order online, we send an email out confirming your order and this email contains a link which you can click to download the pasty baking instructions.

When your pasty delivery arrives, you will also receive a flyer with cooking instructions and your pasty marking guide.

Please note that these instructions apply to a 283g Medium size pasty (the most popular), larger sizes 336g and 454g may require slightly longer to cook, please allow a further 5-10 minutes for larger sizes and judge your bake with a regular visual check.

We thought it might be useful to provide a visual guide so here goes.  From receiving your Cornish pasties by Post delivery all the way through to final bake off.

  1. When you receive your pasties, we recommend that you check them immediately to ensure that the product is still frozen.  On the very rare occasion that the courier is delayed with your delivery, you may find that the pastry is starting to go soft.  The most important thing to look for is that the meat/veg content is still frozen and there is no sign of liquid from thawing meat in the box.  If the pastry is very slightly soft and the contents are still frozen you can place in the freezer or commence with baking off your pasties.

    Pasties by Post online pasty delivery

  2. In this example we are baking off a Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Pasty from frozen.  You can see in the image that the pasty is frozen and uncooked with a ‘T’ marking.  Your pasties by Post delivery will be accompanied by a pasty marking guide which allows you to correctly identify your pasty.

    Frozen Pasties by Post Turkey and Cranberry

  3. Our Pasties are delivered to you pre-glazed, so it is not necessary to wash or baste before or during the bake off.

  4. Pre heat your oven to 180, leave your baking tray in so that the pasty sits on a hot surface from the start.  In this example we are not using baking paper/parchment, but you may wish to use some if you have any to hand.

    Place pasty into a pre heated oven at 180 degrees

  5. When the oven is at temperature, carefully place your pasty on the hot tray and site on the top shelf of your oven.

    Place pasty into pre heated oven

  6. After approximately 20-25 mins into the baking process, rotate the tray to provide an even bake. Fan assisted ovens provide the best results for baking but most ovens have hot spots which can result in an uneven bake.  Rotating the tray half way though provides an even bake.

    Turn pasty for even bake after 20 mins

  7. At approximately 35-40 minutes you will notice liquid bubbling through the markings on top or through the crimp seam of the crimp, this is your pasty letting you know that it is almost cooked!

    Turn again and watch for the boil out from the pasty

  8. During the final 5-10 minutes of the bake, keep a visual check in your pasty for a golden finish and try not to let the pasty ‘boil out’ as this can be unsightly (but still delicious)

  9. At the 45 minute mark, your pasty should be ready for taking out of the oven.  Wearing oven gloves, carefully remove the baking tray and place your pasty on a surface to cool down.  As your pasty is removed from the oven it will be achieving an internal temperature of 90-100 degrees...this is too hot to eat immediately

    Check pasty temperature before removing from oven

  10. Allow the pasty to cool off 10-15 minutes before eating, remember that the tightly crimped pastry case retains a lot of the baking heat and needs time to cool for safe consumption.

    Leave pasty to cool for 15 mins before eating

  11. As you can see in this image, your pasty will increase in size as the delicious ingredients bake off.

    283 g Pasty Size after baking

  12. Once cooled, your pasty is safe to enjoy that delicious feast in a pastry case!

    Tuck into that Turkey and Cranberry Pasty


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