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Traditional Cornish Pasty

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Traditional Cornish Pasty

This Cornish Pasty is only available to purchase via our Wholesale Channel, with a minimum order quantity of 10 boxes.  To purchase individual traditional Cornish Pasties or mixed boxes, you can visit our Pasties by Post collection page.

Our Traditional Cornish Pasty really is a World Championship winning product, after winning Gold in the World Pasty Championships in 2017, Silver and Bronze in 2020, Silver in 2019 and Silver in 2018...this truly is a World class product!

We attribute the success of our Cornish Pasty to a number of factors which aren't accidental, given the year on year top 3 rankings in WPC we are extremely proud of our employees, our suppliers, our ingredients and our recipes for delivering a consistently outstanding product.

With our signature 22 side crimp, our traditional Cornish pasty complies with the PGI definition and rules with ingredients of locally farmed potatoes, swede and onion married with the very best trimmed skirt beef...not to forget our very special production process which brings out the very best flavours of the beef, vegetables and pastry.


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