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Spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Pasty (Vegan)

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Spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Pasty

This Pasty is only available to purchase via our Wholesale Channel, with a minimum order quantity of 10 boxes.  To purchase individual traditional Cornish Pasties or mixed boxes, you can visit our Pasties by Post collection page.

Yes – you heard it right, the Spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Pasty is Vegan! And what is in it? Well, the clue is in the name… This pasty contains a mixture of vegetables, including tomato, mixed peppers and the staple potatoes and onions.

Kidney beans are also added to the fill, which is then all seasoned with soy sauce and given a kick with a combination of herbs and spices such as ginger, oregano, garlic and chilli!

These are all added in ‘just the right quantities’ to get the vegetarian and vegan taste buds tingling but at the same time enjoying the individual ingredients with a lasting warmth of flavour… The Unglazed Spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Pasty is produced as the first batch of the day, with a vegan pastry.

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