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Red Thai Chicken Curry Pasty 283g. (36 No. Boxed)

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Red Thai Chicken Curry Pasty

This Pasty is only available to purchase via our Wholesale Channel, with a minimum order quantity of 10 boxes.  To purchase individual traditional Cornish Pasties or mixed boxes, you can visit our Pasties by Post collection page.

A delicious Red Thai Curry pasty

The secret to the deliciousness of our Red Thai Chicken Curry Pasty is our homemade red Thai curry filling, which we cook from scratch using chicken broth, red curry paste, ginger, onion and garlic. We cook the filling in small batches to carefully control the amount of spice we use. It’s a medium spiced filling that packs big flavour.

If you love red Thai chicken curry, then you’ll love this pasty. The roasted spices give the filling a deep orange colour and the red chillies provide depth of flavour. We don’t use the chilli seeds to reduce the amount of heat in the filling. The sweetness of the curry makes it a perfect match for our buttery pastry.

Our butter shortcrust pastry is what separates our pasties from the rest. Our pastry is buttery and light with a firm bite. We make it so it holds together in your hand, so you can eat your pasty on the go without it falling apart.
Because we throw away the seeds from the red chillies we use to make the filling, our Red Thai Chicken Curry Pasty is flavoursome without being too hot.

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