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Chicken and Chorizo Pasty 283g. (36 No. Boxed)

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Chicken and Chorizo Pasty

This Pasty is only available to purchase via our Wholesale Channel, with a minimum order quantity of 10 boxes.  To purchase individual traditional Cornish Pasties or mixed boxes, you can visit our Pasties by Post collection page.

A Spanish flavour explosion

Love chorizo? Then you’re going to love our Chicken and Chorizo Pasty. The dominant chorizo flavour really comes through in this pasty, and we cook off the fat to make sure it doesn’t leak. The filling contains chunks of chicken breast cooked with chorizo, garlic, chilli, onion and smoked bacon for a delicious taste of Spain.

When we created our Chicken and Chorizo Pasty, we wanted the flavour profile of traditional Spanish food to come through. We cook the filling onsite using fresh onions, garlic, tomatoes, ginger, chilli, basil and smoked bacon, which gives the chicken and chorizo filling a more complex flavour profile.
As with all pasty infusions, the first taste you get after a bite is our delicious butter shortcrust pastry. Our pastry has won us multiple awards over several years because it isn’t as flaky as a normal pastry and holds its shape. Pasties are normally eaten on the go, so we have worked hard to create the best pastry.

The Chorizo used in this recipe is of Spanish origin and we source local ingredients for the rest of the filling, including chicken from our local butcher.

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