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Proper Cornish Pasties!

Traditional Layered Steak
Beef & Stilton
Lamb & Mint
Spicy Chicken
Steak & Ale
Broccoli & Sweetcorn
All Day Breakfast
Cheese & Onion
Cheese & Bacon
Cheese & Mushroom
Pork & Apple
Apple & Blackcurrant

February Pasty of the Month
Pork & Apple Cornish Pasty!

Our Cornish Pasties are baked fresh every day
to ensure that you eperience the real taste of
Cornwall in every bite.

Authentic in every way, the hand crimping of
our Cornish Pasties is a characteristic of the
traditional methods used to create the miners
lunch and is carried out on every single
Cornish Pasty that we sell today!

If you're interested in selling our Cornish Pasties
through your own outlets, we have created a
very competitive licencing agreement, providing
you with access to the Proper Pasty Branding
to give you that professional edge.

Contact us via the email link for more information

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