The Cornish Pasty

Hand Made Traditions Hand Made Traditions

Each and every Cornish Pasty which we bake has been lovingly created for you by... 

Bake-Off Products Bake-Off Products

Pure Gold! Baking the very best Cornish Pasty is a time honoured process and requires... 

Traditional Cornish Pasty Traditional Cornish Pasty

The King of the Cornish Pasties Made with the very best chuck steak, in a fresh diced... 

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Cornish Pasty Association

Authentic Cornish Pasties…Fact! Authentic Cornish Pasties…Fact!

Only Genuine Cornish Pasties Finally, after what appears to have been decades of... 

Cornish Pasty Trademark Cornish Pasty Trademark

The purpose of the PGI recently applied for by the Cornish Pasty Association is to... 

Genuine Cornish Genuine Cornish

The Cornish Pasty Associations application for the PGI has been very widely supported... 

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A Cornish Collage

Cornish Camper Vans Cornish Camper Vans

A revival is a-happenin’ thanks to those Cornish Surfer crowds.  The vintage VW Camper Van is hitting the scene around the World with a huge splash!  Mostly associated with the surfing scene, the VW camper has long enjoyed peaceful retirement at the bottom of the garden or buried in the European scrap heaps…until now. Some outstanding... [Read more of this review]

Cornish Surf – Perranporth Cornish Surf – Perranporth

Perranporth is known to be the most southerly of the north coast surfing areas, not as popular as the Newquay coastal areas, but with the correct conditions offer a great surf experience.  Located approximately 10 miles to the south of Newquay this location offers some of the most beautiful surfing scenery along the south west shorelines.  The 3 mile... [Read more of this review]

Cornish Surfers Cornish Surfers

There is a long standing association with Cornwall and quality surfing, perhaps the UK’s foremost surfing attraction being that based in Newquay…the home of British Surfing and the British Surfing Association.  The diversity that Newquays coast offers, extends to an all encompassing surfing experience, whether expert or novice! Newquay... [Read more of this review]

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