Proper Pasty Shop

Our Pasty Shops... Proud to Serve You!

When you walk into a Proper Pasty Company shop, it’s plain to see how passionate we are about Cornish Pasties, Coffee and Pastries.  Our staff are trained to bake off your pasty to perfection and to serve you with a smile!

Freshly Baked Just For You!

We’re passionate about Cornish Pasties, each and every day we bake off thousands of pasties in dozens of different flavours, just the way you like them!  Our mission is to serve our customers with the very best product every time.

100% Genuine Cornish Pasties!

Occasionally people ask ‘Are Your Cornish Pasties Really Cornish?’, to which we reply ‘Absolutley!’, our pasties are 100% Genuine PGI Approved Cornish through and through, made in Cornwall from ingredients which are proudly farmed in Cornwall.

Delivered Fresh To Your Workplace!

Our Proper Food 2U catering vans provide a breakfast and lunchtime food delivery service for busy people in the remote workplace.  Proper Food 2U was developed to take the Proper Pasty Company retail shop to those who weren’t close to the high street at lunchtime…