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Chicken and Mushroom Pasty 255g. (36 No. Boxed)

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Chicken and Mushroom Pasty

This Pasty is only available to purchase via our Wholesale Channel, with a minimum order quantity of 10 boxes.  To purchase individual traditional Cornish Pasties or mixed boxes, you can visit our Pasties by Post collection page.

A classic made even better

Our Chicken and Mushroom Pasty sells like hot cakes. The secret? Tender chicken breast suspended in a rich, fully-bodied cream and mushroom sauce. The filling is so good you’ll lick your plate. The sauce is a roux (butter-flour mixture) with heavy cream, flavoured using leaks, onions and our secret seasoning mix.

If you like the flavour of mushrooms, then you’ll appreciate the deep mushroom flavour of this pasty. Rather than use mushroom as a secondary ingredient, we’ve put the flavour first to deliver an intense umami hit. We use white mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms, and dried mushrooms to take the flavour to another level.

The chicken and mushroom filling is encased in our signature butter shortcrust pastry. The buttery taste and crumbly texture of our pastry elevates our Chicken and Mushroom Pasty to legendary status. Unlike other pastries, our pastry holds its shape after every bite and doesn’t flake up to leave a mess all over you.

Our Chicken and Mushroom Pasty makes a great alternative to our Cornish Pasty and Creamy Chicken Pasty. The mushroom flavour is intense, and the chicken is incredibly tender, making every bite as good as the last.