Cornwall, My Happy Place by Judi M

St Michaels Mount, Cornwall

Whilst delving into the true origins of the Pasty I learnt that they are in-fact unclear!  References to pasties actually date back to the 13th-century. I choose to regard the pasty as Cornwalls National dish! 

As colcannon is to Ireland, haggis is to Scotland and Bara Brith is to Wales!

Whenever Cornwall pops into conversation ( as it does regularly), it evokes many memories, many images and many yearnings. Having said that the immediate thought is “pasty”! I want a pasty. When can I have a pasty? Strange coming from a person who only really “eats to live”, as opposed to “lives to eat”.  One cannot go to Cornwall and not have at least one pasty. That would be criminal!

At the age of 57 I’ve lost count of the times I’ve holidayed in beautiful Cornwall. Either around the Tintagel /Boscastle area or right down to the wonderful St Michaels Mount area. For me nothing compares to Cornwall. I’m strange. I prefer going in winter. Nothing is better than when the weather is savage. Pounding waves, driving rain and wind so strong you are literally in danger of being blown over!

Having said this it’s paramount I have a pasty in its own paper bag eating it on the quayside at St Ives. Fortunately that’s been possible every time I’ve been on my winter hols. Who needs Benidorm when you’ve got Cornwall?? Give me a pasty and an evil seagull any day. If a seagull doesn’t try to steal a whole one, my holiday won’t have been complete! I recall one family holiday when one such vulturous winged monster swooped down stealthily and landed on my sons shoulder, nabbed the Cornish delicacy and flew off into the sunset with its booty. Was I angry?  No I was not. Along with my family I laughed so much I literally had tears running down my cheeks. Much to the indignation of my pasty less son. 

Right from an early age I was exposed to all the delights Cornwall had to offer in the summer.  The dramatic beaches of its rugged coast, the historical tin mines, the church where Thomas Hardy met Emma Gifford, the gorgeous St Materianas church, perched on the cliff top at Tintagel, bathed in mist if visited at the right time, King Arthur’s Castle, Quaint Port Isaac before the wonderful Doc Marten was ever even a seed in the mind of Philippa Braithwaite. 

My favourite eatery, Cafe Pasta, the Cobweb in Boscastle, the caves at Trebarwith Strand, Sennen Beach, Coffee in the Tate at St Ives, to name just a few... Oh and I can’t forget the best! Chocolate cake and Porthcurno! The icing on the cake. Rowena Cades Minack Theatre...possibly my favourite place in the world!

Nearby the old ploughed fields and haunts of the wonderful Dereck and Jeannie Tangy, who fled the great smoke to live a humble and serene existence near Lamorna. I bet they enjoyed a nice pasty in their local!

So to conclude! No visits to Cornwall thanks to covid 19. Oh how I miss my happy place. Not to worry though.I’m off to Pendeen in November 2021. At last!

Who would have thought a Face Book advertisement would provoke such wonderful memories from so long ago? Even more bizarre is the strange power of a simple pasty! It’s almost like magic. Bite into it and you are metaphorically teleported off to Cornwall to a place in your past. It’s true.

I promise. I can’t go to Cornwall, but the Proper Pasty Company brought Cornwall to me!  I’ve read many positive reviews. Each one showing gratitude and genuine pleasure. So it’s a big thumbs up and thanks to the people at The Proper Pasty co. A great pasty. A great company.

Judi M.


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  • Judi M

    That wasn’t bad for a person who hasn’t written in 40 years. So happy to have my memories shared.
    Lovely pasties. Than you Proper Pasty Company.

  • Julie

    Beautiful scenery yummy pasties and lovely cream teas

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