Proper Food Business

Whatever we do, we do it the Proper Way

Proper Food Retailing

Proper Food Retailing Not only do we retail Cornish Pasties…we also run the busiest and most successful city centre deli in Sheffield.

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We know a little bit about food retailing, from finding the right location to shop design and product procurement. Retailing the Proper Way is to retail for profit and to provide the very best service at the right price.

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Over a period of 10 years we have tried and tested many different retailing formats, some worked well, some didn’t, what we know now is there is only one way to retail food and that is the Proper Way!  From food retailing design flow through to shopfitting, product sourcing, production, merchandising, food marketing and most importantly food sales, whatever the discipline find out more here…Proper Food Retailing

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Proper Catering Van

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catering vanProper Pasty Company have operated a hugely successful mobile catering business for over 6 years, expanding our fleet every four months to meet the huge demand for our unique products and services. This is one area of our business that has enjoyed year on year growth in turnover and profitability due to the increasing number of businesses that are relocating to remote locations away from the extortionate city centre rental costs.

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We class ourselves as retailers of high quality food, providing remote business employees with the same quality and choice in food that they would expect if they were based in the city centre, where they would obviously enjoy a broad range of choices daily. Our service is prompt and reliable and best of all it is mobile. Find out more here…Catering Vans

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Proper Pasty Wholesale

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buy cornish pasties Our brand new state of the art Cold Storage facilities accomodate over 70 pallet spaces of bake off goods.  The demand for the Proper Cornish Pasty has grown that much! 2007 and 2008 have delivered amazing results, our retail and catering van expansion has meant that we have had to invest for our future growth, exciting times are ahead! We now take delivery of container loads of Cornish Pasties each week directly from the bakery deep in the heart of Cornwall.

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70 Pallet spaces equates to a stock of over 80,000 fresh cornish pasties which will be distributed around the UK in our own refrigerated transport.  We deliver to independant UK bakeries as well as our own retail facilities and we would be happy to talk to you if you are interested in selling Proper Cornish Pasties! Maybe you are considering a licensed or franchise opportunity in the food sector?  Whatever your requirements are we’d love to have a chat, give us a call or send us an email.

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Proper Corporate Catering

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buffets in sheffield Our professional catering facilities have been purpose built to cater to Corporate Buffets and Business Lunches in the Sheffield area.  Serving the professional sector of the region, we have the capacity to produce 500 head per day!  Whatever your budget or buffet requirements we can deliver, just make contact with our catering team to arrange for an overview of our business platters and lunch time menus.

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Our buffet service is built on flexibility, we aim to deliver all of your catering needs so that you don’t have to think about any of the detail, simply place your order using our easy to use buffet order form, fax it over to our catering team and leave the rest to us!  Choose from simple sandwich platters lovingly created in any combination of vegetarian, seafood and meat variety.  Combine with our famous pastry dishes if you wish and finish off with a delicious dessert finale!

Proper Retail Training at THE RETAIL ACADEMY

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Our retailing, catering and production methods are so successful that we have received many requests over the years to assist independent food business owners in the development of their own retail platform.  Whether their business is mobile catering vans or static high street shops, our proven strategies have underpinned our success…because we do it Properly!

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The Training Academy has been created to offer a helping hand to start-up and established food retailers who feel that they need something a little different to set them apart from their competitors.  Fully funded training is available to business owners who need assistance. Our training courses are tailored to suit your needs, choose from a combination of:

  • catering van management and development
  • sandwich production and menu creation
  • bake-off products and processes
  • food sales and promotions
  • merchandising with the consumer in mind
  • low cost eye catching marketing
  • sales canvassing
  • food retailing design and installation
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