Proper Company

We’re a Proper Company, serving authentic Cornish Pasties since 1999.  Our flagship shop in Sheffield has been going strong for 16 years.  Since then we have spread the Cornish Pasty far and wide through more high street shops and mobile catering vans.
Proper Pasty Shop

Proper Shops

A Proper Pasty shop is a friendly, warm, delicious shop, a shop that you’ll return to again and again to savour that unmistakeable taste of Cornwall.  When you find a Proper Pasty shop, you can be assured that you’ll enjoy consistent quality and service every time.

Proper Service

Our staff are masters in the fine art of baking and politeness, this ensures that our customers have a delightful experience from the moment that they step into a Proper Pasty shop all the way through to the moment that they finish the last crumb!